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Music enhances the worship experience, sets the tone for the service, reinforces the pastor’s message, and ministers to the congregation. There’s a place in this ministry for those who enjoy singing, playing instruments, and fellowshipping with others in worship, song and praise!

Enjoy Singing? Using Your Musical Talents?  Playing an Instrument or two or three?

First Baptist Choirs enjoy lifting their voices in praises unto God, setting the tone for and enhancing the worship service.  

Members of this ministry encourage one another, maintain cooperative spirits, and demonstrate a willingness to attend rehearsals regularly. Emphasis is placed upon understanding lyrics to songs and their relationship to scripture in order to be more effective instruments in ministering to others.

VOICES OF HARMONY CHOIR ~ The Voices of Harmony’s repertoire focuses more on traditional gospel music.

VOICES OF HOPE ~ Younger members of the congregation—the HOPE for the future—typically make up this group which enjoys gospel music that leans a little more contemporary.

VOICES OF INSPIRATION ~ Established for what was to be ONE Women’s Day service, the Voices of Inspiration enjoyed singing and fellowship together so much so that they continued to practice, and to minister to others and each other, praising the Lord through song! 

MEN’S VOICES ~ These men enjoy each other’s company and sing quartet-style songs.

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The door is open for visitors and all who wish to join our growing community and ministries.

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